What is a Serviced Apartment?

Simply put, a serviced apartment is an apartment that offers the convenience of a hotel but has the added space and privacy of a private home. Typically, a serviced apartment is twice the size of an average hotel room (45m2 vs 20m2), and offers guests a much greater level of comfort and space.

There are no hidden costs. Serviced-Lettings.com’s weekly rates include property management costs, utilities, council tax charges and weekly servicing. Broadband is also included.

Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments

Not only are serviced apartments usually cheaper than hotels, but the rates generally decrease the longer you stay. You’ll also always get more space, more freedom and more privacy than in a hotel room!

Serviced apartments are always cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation. If a hotel matched the serviced apartment example rate of £99 per night for the stay, you’d still save £982.08 in tax (a 9.19% saving).

Why are they Cheaper?

Serviced apartment rates generally reduce according to the length of your stay. This is due to a number of factors, including:
• Maid service is required less frequently than in a hotel.
• Serviced apartments do not have a restaurant.
• Most hotel rates include breakfast.
• Serviced apartments have far fewer staff than hotels.
• Staying in a serviced apartment lowers the total cost of your stay by removing laundry bills, room service and other hotel costs.

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