Our Property Partner Terms & Conditions

Pottergate New Property Introduction

Pottergate is a wholly independent serviced apartment agent. We were formed in 2008 and operate from offices in Norwich.

We do not charge our property partners for our listing service (in marketing them to our corporate clients) nor do we charge to add new apartments to our website. We will only look for a commission payment from you (of 10%) payable upon a successful booking.

It is imperative that your apartments are serviced, in accordance with the following:

The apartment is let or rented out on a nightly basis in generally the same way as a hotel room. The apartment is fully furnished, has a fully functioning and equipped kitchen, or as a minimum a kitchenette, and most importantly is serviced. Service levels must, as a minimum, mean being fully cleaned with a change of all linen and towels at least once per week. All utility costs except outgoing phone calls must be included in the rate.

Terms and Conditions for featuring on the Pottergate website.

Names and ratings

Every property on our website is given a Pottergate name. This is to deter anyone who looks at our website from contacting apartment owners directly. This in no way adversely affects the number of enquiries we receive or bookings that we may make with you.

Pottergate has its own rating system; please see our website FAQ for more details.

Minimum stays

We advertise from 1 night upward, however we also advertise and offer a sliding scale for longer stays (only once agreed with the operator).

Rates and commission

We ask that you give us the same rates or lower as you would give if the client were to approach you directly, and that the rates you give us include our commission.

We charge 10% commission per booking, upon which we do not charge VAT.


Pottergate will always process client payments. After a booking has been confirmed the apartment provider should invoice Pottergate for the net amount, minus our agreed commission rate. Pottergate will then pay that amount to the apartment provider. Payment will be made by a BACS transfer.

For bookings of more than one month Pottergate will pay the first month in full upfront and the balance on a month by month basis thereafter.

The client is responsible for settling all incidentals. Property managers must take a swipe of the client’s credit card on arrival or provide Pottergate with a credit card authorisation form for us to forward to the client prior to check-in. Without a credit card from the client or written consent from Pottergate that we will cover incidental costs, Pottergate will not accept responsibility for incidental costs.

In the event that bookings are taken within 14 days prior to guest arrival, full payment (up to 30 days) will be taken upfront and guaranteed by Pottergate as these fall within the 14 cancellation period, however as discussed payment may not be with you prior to guest check in.

We look forward to advertising your property(s) and please contact us if you have any further questions.

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